Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Outsourcing

Course Title: Fundamentals of Legal Process Outsourcing  

Course Description:

This course introduces participants to the theory and practice of Legal Outsourcing.

Legal Outsourcing -- the method in which some types of legal work are transferred to alternative, lower cost third party providers -- has grown considerably in the past decade. Legal outsourcing, sometimes referred to as Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), has grown 30% each year, into a $1B industry.

Outsourcing legal work isn’t a new concept. It's rooted in the desire of legal professionals to focus on what they do best and thereby create value for clients. 

Law firm lawyers and general counsel have been outsourcing work -- including staffing, discovery, document management, and back office -- for years. The difference today is the potential to outsource to providers located down the street, across the country, offshore and multi-shore, and the challenge of integrating outsourcing into a changing legal landscape. This course analyzes the relevant aspects of legal outsourcing, including providers, customers, solutions, value proposition, professional responsibility, ethics, training, security, technology, partnering, and regulation.

This course examines who outsources legal work and why, from sole practitioners to the largest corporate law firms. Indeed, one of the transformative aspects of legal outsourcing is how even individual practitioners and small firm lawyers may now leverage legal outsourcing strategies and technologies that were formerly reserved for "Big Law". Likewise, this course also explores how practitioners and non-practitioners alike may find their place in this developing and innovative field.

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Understand key characteristics of legal outsourcing.
  • Assess your talent and skill to find your place in legal outsourcing.
  • Comprehend the range of legal outsourcing solutions.
  • Know who provides legal outsourcing support.
  • Understand who -- from solos to Big Law -- uses legal outsourcing and why.
  • Gain a better understanding of what influences the legal outsourcing customer.
  • Analyze the business case for and against legal outsourcing.
  • Discover how legal outsourcing may implicate the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL).
  • Learn the ethical considerations involved in legal outsourcing.
  • Learn what case law, rules and regulations guide legal outsourcing.
  • Acquire the forms necessary for legal outsourcing partnering.
  • Learn what the future holds for legal outsourcing.

Background on Legal Process Outsourcing: 


Faculty: Robert Unterberger

Boston College Law School,
J.D., Cum Laude

London School of Economics

Tufts University
B.A., Magna Cum Laude

Robert Unterberger is presently Director, Legal Solutions, TCS Consulting, where he is presently  responsible for all aspects of on- and offshore legal outsourcing solutions, including sales, management, partnering, acquisition, marketing, team building, technology, security, metrics, and quality control.  

Previously he was Director, Legal Outsourcing for Wipro Technologies, Inc., Aptara Corp., and Inventurus Knowledge Services, where he was responsible for managing processes that included research, data mining, content, editing, digesting, transcription, translation, compliance, immigration, IP, M&A, contracts, and document management & review.

Mr. Unterberger has been a leader in the legal outsourcing industry since the 1990s when he helped develop on- and offshore legal outsourcing providers.

He has developed training materials and certification programs for legal outsourcing accreditation and has lectured widely on legal outsourcing.

Professional Activities

Instructor, What Works in Legal Outsourcing & Ethical Considerations in Legal Outsourcing, West LegalEdCenter & Lorman Education, 2012-

Panelist, Legal Outsourcing, ABA, PBA, ACC, IQPC, Perrin, Harris Martin, 2008-

Participant, Georgetown Law School Conference on the Future of the Legal Profession, George Washington Law School Indian Studies Initiative, ABA Committee on Outsourcing Professional and Regulatory Ethics, NCRA Ethics First.

Mr.Unterberger is admitted to the PA & NJ (State & Federal Courts), U.S. Court of Federal Claims, U.S. Supreme Court bars.