Lawyers as Entrepreneurs

Course Title: Lawyers as Entrepreneurs

Description: The Lawyers as Entrepreneurs course is designed to help lawyers understand the realities of functioning in entrepreneurial roles in a law firm or other legal enterprise.

Empirical data on successful  entrepreneurial ventures is introduced to the participants as a method for benchmarking the creation of entrepreneurial enterprises. 

The business model's of new "legal start-ups", such as UpCounselLawPalRocketLawyerLegalForceLawLawPivot, and LexSpot,  to cite just a few examples, will be analyzed as case studies.

The course will examine how the rules of professional conduct impact the structure and development of new legal enterprises and innovative law firms models. New law firm models and legal enterprises from the United Kingdom, AU, and South Africa,will be compared to what could be done in the United States. 

The course will employ a case study approach to illustrate the challenges that entrepreneurs face in creating their enterprises.

The primary faculty will be supplemented by guest lecturers/lawyers who have started their own law firms and other legal enterprises as a way of exposing students to the challenges they face. 

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See Also: TRAINING LAWYER-ENTREPRENEURS BY LUZ E. HERRERA, Associate Professor of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law,. (.pdf download).

Why Law Students Should be Thinking About Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Legal Services by  Professor Renee Newman Knake, Michigan State University College of Law, ReinventLaw.

Faculty: Richard S. Granat

Faculty: Richard Granat

Co-Director and Faculty Member: Richard S. Granat, Co-Director, CPLT, and Affiliate Professor of Law, FCSL.