Legal Document Automation

Course Title: Legal Document Automation 

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Course Description: 

Participants will learn how to automate legal forms and documents that can be used by law firms, corporate legal departments, legal services organizations, and courts.  Participants will learn how to logically analyze a legal document into its elements and create a system that assembles a document from answers to questions in a structured, on-line questionnaire. Topics covered include: the difference between desktop and web-based document automation systems; how to evaluate the different systems that are available for use within a law practice; the potential for such systems for increasing the productivity of law firms and other organizations that deliver legal services, whether to the public or to internal clients. Policy and ethical issues such as whether the offering of smart legal documents directly to consumers constitutes the unauthorized practice of law will also be explored.

Additional Background on Course:
Web-enabled document is one of the 12 disruptive technologies identified by Sir Richard Susskind’s award-winning book, The End of Lawyers?: Rethinking the nature of legal services.
"The use and construction of computer based practice systems offer a wide range of learning opportunities for law students that should be exploited in modern legal education. Whether in live client clinics, simulated practice courses, or project oriented seminars, student interaction with law practice technology can be a potent educational experience on both pragmatic and theoretical levels."
From Oliver Goodenough; Marc Lauritsen. “Educating the Digital Lawyer.” LexisNexis, 2011-09-01. iBooks. Download Free eBook.
To gain a deeper understanding of the power of web-enabled document automation as a disruptive technology, download this White Paper by Darryl Mountain, a practitioner who makes his living automating documents for law firms and other legal organizations.
Down Load White Paper on Web-Enabled Document Automation as a Disruptive Technology here.
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Automated Document Assembly as a Disruptive Technology, from the eLawyering Blog.


Faculty: Marc Lauritsen

Faculty: Marc Laurtisen

J.D. Harvard Law School;
B.S..Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Marc Lauritsen is president of Capstone Practice Systems. Capstone advises, trains, and builds systems for top law firms and departments, as well as many nonprofit organizations. Capstone builds custom document drafting systems for law firms, legal departments, and other organizations, delivers training for users and developers, and advises organizations on software selection and project design.

Marc has served as a poverty lawyer, taught in and directed the clinical program at Harvard Law School, done path- breaking work on document automation and artificial intelligence, and been an executive in several startups.

He has also served as Senior Research Associate for Practice Technology at Harvard Law School where he conducted research on applications of computers to law practice and the implications of that technology for the legal profession. He also served as Director of Lawyering Information Systems at Harvard where he developed and studied computer-based practice systems for use in the law school's teaching clinics. 

He’s a leader in international law and technology organizations, a fellow of the College of Law Practice Management, and co-chair of the American Bar Association’s eLawyering Task Force. 

Marc is author off The Lawyer's Guide to Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools (ABA 2010). 

Marc is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.S.) and Harvard Law School (J.D.).