• A new course on how information technology can be used to close the access to justice gap is now available.

    Research studies repeatedly demonstrate that 80% of the legal needs of the poor in the United States remain unmet, despite existing federal, state, and volunteer programs that provide some civil legal services to low income people. In addition it is well documented that 70% of moderate income individuals cannot afford the high cost of legal fees.

    The course will examine the sources, resources and methods that use technology to provide legal information, advice and services to meet the needs of individuals, particularly those of low and middle-incomes. Topics include:

    • the digital divide and the risk of two tiers…
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  • Teaching Social Media Skills to Future Lawyers

    As a lawyer and entrepreneur who lives in a relatively small town on the east coast, the use of social media to network and communicate with other professionals and the public has been a critical part of my daily practice. I can say for certain that without the interacts that I have on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a number of other platforms, I would not have been able to build my career to the level it is now.
    I began teaching social media skills to law students a couple years ago for this reason. I know it will be an important part of their practice both for professional networking and client development regardless of where they practice. The prominence of social media for marketing and professional development will only continue to increase for lawyers.
    Additionally, even if they do not choose to engage in social media use, they will be expected…
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  • Law Industry: Getting on the Web

    The advent of social media and websites has drastically changed the way that industries and consumers operate. Law students, lawyers, and law firms can boost their professional image and effectiveness by carefully crafting and maintaining their websites and social media profiles. 

    As a lawyer your web presence is vital to your political career. In the past you may have turned to bill boards, television ads, and newspaper ads to attract new buyers. While this is a tried and true tactic, you can boost your effectiveness with an online presence. 

    According to the YouTube video, So...How to Market Your Law Firm, the majority (76%) of your potential clients search for law…

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  • A Presentation from Robert Ambrogi that is worth reading.
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